Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Blind Faith

So, if I thought losing against Heriot’s sucked, just exactly how bad was the Ayr game? It’s a question I’m not sure I want to answer, I don’t think I could do it without swearing more than Gordon Ramsey.

Instead, let’s focus on the potential for victory against West of Scotland at the weekend. The Milngavie side are level on points with us after eight games – I have to admit I’m surprised by that as I pegged them and Stirling for the drop this season, just shows you what I know.

They’ve certainly had some impressive results, including their defeat of fellow new boys Selkirk last week, and though they came pretty well unstuck at Millbrae, we all know that can happen to the best of teams.

Clearly, their success is purely down to the fact that they’ve been blinding the opposition with their kit. Seriously, it looks like something Stade Francais might sport if they were a bit more outlandish. I mean, I know West have their traditional colours (though who first put them together should be ashamed) but their version for this season does seem slightly over the top in the brightness stakes.

Having said that, and despite our form over the past two weeks, I’m fully expecting victory at Meggetland. Let’s face it, we need it. And I simply can’t believe that a group of players as talented as those we have can play so very badly for three games running.

I suppose it might be foolhardy to rely on blind faith, but if we lose I think I might have a few more things to worry about that me looking a bit stupid. And these players have done things over the past twelve months to engender a bit of blind faith, it’s the least they deserve for the memories of winning that league trophy. Now they just need to prove me right.
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