Sunday, 3 August 2008

Come on, entertain me

Go on, admit it, last season was a bit dull, wasn’t it? I mean, winning the league by thirty-odd points was very enjoyable, but where were the heart attack inducing nerves at the end of the season? Where were the games at the end of the season which define your season in eighty of the longest minutes you’ll ever experience? Meggetland got it right, win the title on the last day, away from home, against your closest rivals. That’s the way to do it.

Obviously I’m exaggerating somewhat, the way the side played last season was wonderful to watch and the confidence whilst travelling to matches that we’d be watching a win was a nice experience. However, once the title was won and the cup was lost I could barely muster enthusiasm for the remaining games. Accies and GHA at Meggetland where the worst of the lot. I was there, I cheered the lads on, but I don’t remember ever being quite as flat before a game before.

I’ve become sick of sodding cricket, tennis and golf over the summer months. I’m ready for the return of rugby, and before you mention it, I don’t get the Super 14. It’s become so much a cross between fifteen-a-side touch and rugby league that I really couldn’t care less, I couldn’t tell you with any certainty who won it this year – I’d have to guess at one of the Kiwi sides.

However, much as I’m looking forward to the new season and much as I want to see Boroughmuir do what they haven’t before and retain the Premiership title, I’d rather not see them do so in a season that leaves me bored two months before I should be. I have every faith in the coaches and the players at the club, anybody who wants to take our crown from us will have to perform to their very best every week to beat us, but I’d enjoy it more if we were travelling to Bridgehaugh in late March still needing to win to cement our rightful place at #1. Well, I’d enjoy it as long as we won, anyway.

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glennjimin said...

Cocky sod, if I supported any other team I'd be going nuts. I don't though so spot on and here's to two in a row.